Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design

Casa Brasil is the translation of Brazilian culture through one of its greatest and most historic riches: coffee. It is a simple and, at the same time, powerful gesture: to bring coffee as a motive and platform for promoting a culture, far beyond clichés and stereotypes.

Casa Brasil is authentic, contemporary and very charming Brazilianness.

Through relationships built over decades, Casa Brasil works directly with the main Brazilian producers, discovering and trying hundreds of coffees each harvest, to select the best beans for blends and microlots.

All this raw material is sent directly to Austin, Texas, where it goes through the roasting process in small batches, before arriving in the cups of big coffee lovers.’

Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design

Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design
Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design

Brazil is green and yellow, but it’s much more than that: it’s bossa, it’s originality, it’s vigor. Thus, to the traditional pair of colors that are Brazilianness in its purest form,
Casa Brasil mixes pink, Mangueira with samba do pé, a certain bold daring that everyone knows and admires.

The graphics that make up the visual identity of Casa Brasil are born from the movement, because Brazil is also its shape: this immense country, the landscapes and the curves that scatter across the map and fill the eyes. From the northeastern dunes to the mountains from Minas Gerais, from coffee plantations on contour lines to the loose and unmistakable lines of Niemeyer and Burle Marx.

Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 4 Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 1 Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 1 Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 1

In addition to the country’s color and texture references, Casa Brasil’s typographies needed to show a Brazilian touch in their forms. Ofelia e Silva are the brand’s supporting typographies, created by the national foundry company Blackletra.

Inspired by classic archetypes, both fonts have a strong personality and appeal, with unexpected curves and asymmetries full of presence.

Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 7 Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 7

From the heart of the Amazon to the Tropic of Capricorn, from mountains to tropical jungles, Brazil’s coffee regions are as diverse as the flavors they produce.

The Casa Brasil illustrations seek to account for this wealth and were created to present the regions and their products, based on maps of each of the coffee producing areas and portraits of the producers responsible for planting the microlots.

Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 9 Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 9 Casa Brasil Coffes Packaging Design 9

A rich and full of potential identity is the starting point for continuous and exciting communication. Starting from the packaging and all the developments of Casa Brasil, the web project is a translation of this consolidated language.

Following the line of Brazilian colors, shapes and textures, all the details of the process are presented online, from information about Casa Brasil to the purchase of coffees on the website. In addition, with the purpose of taking Brazilian culture abroad even further, the brand proposes monthly playlists on Spotify and recurring posts on Instagram. Please visit casabrasilcoffees.com

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Creative Direction: Paula Cotta and Renata Polastri.
Creation: Bárbara Luppi, Eduardo Araújo, Gabriel Figueiredo, Helen Alves,
Letícia Naves, Luíza Máximo, Paula Cotta, Renata Polastri.
Illustration: Thiago Neumann.
Photos: Rafael Motta.

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