Learn UI Design – A Beginners Tutorial (With Adobe XD)

Learn UI Design – A Beginners Tutorial (With Adobe XD) shared by CareerFoundry

Hey are you looking to get started in learn ui design well look no further in this video  i’m going to discuss what ui design is what you could expect to be doing.

Working as a ui designer as well as how to set up your first interface in Adobe XD i’m Elisé an Adobe XD enterprise instructor and i’ve been doing UX UI design since 2015. my whole goal now is to make design education fun and exciting for people who are trying to get into this industry this video is part of career foundry’s free ui  short course if you’re interested in following along with this video series sign up in the link.

Learn UI Design, In the description below make sure to keep reading the tutorial page for this topic  you’ll find a lot of information as well as tips all right so you’re gonna have some questions and comments as we go through this naturally feel free to just leave those in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon
as possible all right now let’s dive in all right so think about your favorite app,
Facebook, TikTok, Tinder, no one’s judging okay.

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And think about when you first downloaded it how it was probably pretty easy for you to navigate right it didn’t take hours to figure it out well a ui designer uses stylistic elements like spacing and colors and patterns to guide the user through the product in a really natural way.

UI design refers to the visual design of a digital products interface it’s the process of creating interfaces and it’s typically apps or websites with a focus on a few things  number one the look and feel so colors typography, number two design elements like buttons and form fields and dropdowns number three interaction
design so animations and prototyping and then of course you want to think about creating a cohesive brand across all these design elements .

Yeah i know it could be a lot to think about at, first but but we’ll take it one step at a time so what’s the difference between UI and UX design these are often used interchangeably and they shouldn’t be they’re not the same thing so what is the difference well.

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UX designers focus on improving the usability as well as accessibility of a product while ui designers are thinking about how to make the look and feel of a product enjoyable to the user.

UX designers draw a map out of the product while ui designers flesh it out with visual, and interactive touch points UX, and UI designers often work in tandem to maximize responsiveness efficiency and accessibility of a product all right so what are those skill sets that every ui designer needs to know number one is to learn one of the industry standard tools so we are going to be learning Adobe XD .

Watch video below to view Tutorial Learn UI Design – A Beginners Tutorial (With Adobe XD) :

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