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Top SEO Techniques for your Website

So you built a beautiful new website for your business, with all the features and functions, and basically everything users would go drooling for. Top SEO Techniques. So the next obvious thing to expect was a good amount of web traffic, right? But it didn’t go that way, did it? And now you are left wondering what went wrong. The answer is ‘most probably SEO’.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques you need to practice in order to keep your website visible across the web. Notably, SEO is a dynamic process because the algorithms that Google uses to rank your website on the top, are modified every now and then.

However, there are some fundamental rules in SEO (you can learn more from Driven Web Services) that you need to keep in mind before making your content live over the internet. In this write-up, we will discuss some of the best SEO practicesat present that would remarkably improve your website rankings.


Everyone knows they have to sprinkle keywords across the content in a uniform manner to make it more visible to Google. But then that’s not it. Depending upon the type of your business or website, you have to determine whether you have to use long-tail keywords or Short-tail keywords. Many top mobile app development companies have made it possible to carry out keyword analysis through mobile apps, where you can get faster and more organized results.

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If your website is more of a blog that doesn’t correspond to your physical business, Short-tail keywords would be able to bring in a lot of traffic to your website. Although getting a lot of website traffic this way is possible, you may gain less number of loyal readers.Long-tail keywords on the other hand, are strings of keywords that will drive specific customers to your website. So if you have a business that is connected to the website for sales and purchase, you should use Long-tail keywords more; though you won’t get as much traffic as Short-tail keywords.

The key is to balance the type of keywords:

  • Prioritize Short-tail keywords if yours is a blog or an informative website.
  • Have more Long-tail keywords if you have a website for business.

Content Quality

Many out there still might be unaware of this, but Google has duly updated its algorithms to evaluate content quality. Evidently, you would rarely find a write-up that is ranked among the top searches and is grammatically incorrect at the same time.

It is true that keywords matter a lot, but using keywords in the content is a technique everyone is aware of by now. So, the responsibility somewhat shifts to the shoulders of content quality protocol to bring up the best ones. Some of the major quality parameters Google uses to evaluate content quality at present are sentence construction, punctuations, spelling and more.

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Leverage Social Media

Use of social media is sort of an unconventional approach of garnering traffic for your website. And by the courtesy of mobile app developers, you would rarely find a person who doesn’t have top most popular social media apps in their phone. Therefore, every time you publish a new post on your website, don’t forget to share its link, embedded in a short post, on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn handle. This way you can gain a significant organic reach. For a larger reach, you can use paid sponsoring which can get you recognition among hundreds of thousands in no time.

Have a mobile-friendly website

Even though it is a website that you want to promote and not an app, more than half the number of digital users across the world have become accustomed to surfing websites on phone. According to Statista, 43.6 percent of total website traffic in 2016 was generated through mobile phones, which was 35 percent in 2015. The figures are quite clear, so you know what to do.


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