Speed Up Recovery with 8 Incredible Herbal Teas

According to legend, herbal teas was found by the Emperor of China in 2737 BC and for centuries, herbal teas has been used not only because of their great taste, warm, caffeine-free energy boost but also amazing medicinal properties and various health benefits.

From calming a problematic stomachache to treating insomnia and easing a mind, these herbal teas have more health benefits than you can think of. They are well – known for their powerful and great antioxidant properties that proceed a great impact on speeding up recovery stage as well. Moreover, it can provide you quick soothing relief and plenty minerals and vitamins.There is nothing better than a warm, soothing and tasty cup of herbal tea during a mid – winter day. Herbal teas are usually made from various part of a plant such as roots, leaves, flowers, seeds or even bark.

Nonetheless, not all the herbs should be diluted in water especially gingko leaf and saw palmetto, these herbal teas should be consumed in high concentration which only can be found under the form of capsule, pill or extracted form. Here are several of herbal teas that can help you speed up the healing process.


It is tough when you need motivation of working while your head is full of noise and is heavy as metal and it gets tougher when your pillows are like magnets to you, the solution is sipping a cup of milk thistle tea. Milk thistle can promote your energy, boost immune system, regulate liver functioning as well as keep the toxic at bay. Moreover, it can flush out certain harmful substances such as alcohol or acetaminophen which can slow down the healing stage. Though one cup might not leave any effect, consuming this tea for week and you will see the difference.

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This is typical herbal tea to consume when it comes to speed up the healing process. According to Ayurvedic medications, ginger tea can regulation blood circulation, promote digestion as well as boost immune system to get rid of ailment as soon as possible. Sip a cup of ginger tea every morning to boost your energy, promote immunity as well as obtain a faster recovery. You might add some honey to strengthen the taste and boost the smells. And do you know that ginger can be a great natural remedy for croup as well? See also


Packed with enormous amount of anti – inflammatory, antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties, peppermint tea will be an ideal candidate to kick the ailment away and speed up the healing process. Moreover, this balmy scent and sweet flavor of this herbal tea can be a great treatment for mild nausea or mellow stomach upset.


A very common herbal tea, the king of tea, this powder antioxidant – contained herbal teas can reduce inflammation, ease your mind, calm a painful throat and speed up recovery. Those who sip it on a daily basis can keep dark circles or bug bites at bay. It seems no surprises when it is admired by many people for centuries. You can drink one cup a night to reduce anxiety, depression and seduce sleep before going to bed. Also, you can add some honey to enhance the taste.


When you are suffering from a sore throat, licorice root tea is all you need. This incredible herbal tea can be used to ease congestion, facilitate respiratory system and reduce coughing as well. Moreover, instead of taking those bitter medications which are unhealthy if taken excessively, why not opt for a sweet herbal tea?

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Lemon balm tea is sweet, delicate and mellow which can boost your energy and wipe out the day’s stress. Moreover, if taken before sleep, it can treat anxiety, seduce sleeping, treat restless nights and reduce high blood pressure. A cup of lemon balm tea might offer you effects as a massage and it is good for your mind as well.


This detox tea is the combination of cumin, fennel seed and coriander and it is easy and simple to make. You can easily find the recipe on the Internet and follow. It is claimed that this herbal tea can aid in the body’s withdrawal of toxins. The tea taste a bit spice but super delicious. Moreover, it have a tingling and warming impact on the body which is comforting and it also can speed up the healing process significantly.


Though this plant can sting you, when it is taken under herbal tea form, it significantly promote your healing process. Working as an anti – inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic agent, it can treat various ailment such as reproductive system problems, seasonal allergies, arthritis, thereby, stinging – nettle tea is highly recommended. Though it has slightly bitter taste, you can add some honey to enhance the flavor and escape from the bitterness.

Written by Hannah Hall

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