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How To Get Motivated and STAY Motivated

The internet today has created unlimited money making opportunities for many online users, some starting with zero or limited knowledge soaring to success in making money online. There is a good number of internet companies today offering genuine online business opportunities. But why does only a handful succeed while the majority jump from opportunity to opportunity without success?

The missing link according to some of the online and offline businesses is in personal development, the motivation to identify, set and to systemically follow up your goals.

It’s said that everyday we choose what to do with our time. And that every little action that we are involved in, will produce results, whether desirable or otherwise. However, this is not news for most of the people who have been and are still trying to get out of the rat race by investing their time and money in businesses.

Most of us have been to seminars, have taken notes and have books and audios by the ‘gurus’ of self-improvement, all this without any long lasting favored outcomes. And we keep stacking up more ad more of the personal development materials as we continue to ‘buy hope’ that one day we will find the right program for us.

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We also look for that business which promises us all the right products, the right tools, support and a chance to make a quick buck without lifting a finger. And then it all happens again. Nothing works and we jump to another ‘ground floor’ business opportunity.

So what is missing here, what happens to the inspirational buzz we get when we attend a motivational seminar? The possibilities, the vision we attain when we listen to that goal setting CD. Why procrastinating again?

Well, I will tell you what is missing. The one ingredient, the catalyst that you must have if you are to succeed is a daily dose of continuous motivation to enable you to consistently replenish your inspiration and vision.

For beginners it is important that you get this daily dose until you become disciplined or habituated enough to go on an autopilot. The only challenge is; this continuous kick on the back side does not come cheap.

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However, there are ways to achieve this daily dose without coasting you an arm and a leg. You can have a coach who will give you a weekly coaching session and get a friend to do the daily butt kicking. The ‘best’ friend to do this for you is the loud mouthed one, who can embarrass you in front of everyone if you haven’t done what you said you would do.

Another way is to have a personal improvement program which is monitored by a group of people who have one goal in common. This way everybody mentors and inspire everybody else. This ‘co-mentoring’ can became unbelievably effective if there is an appropriate platform for this co-mentoring to happen.

The platform should consist of long and short term courses to maintain continuity and systematic personal-growth. The internet can provide such a platform whereas materials can be easily obtainable and individuals can communicate daily without breaking the bank. Wishing you all the BEST on your online business ventures.

Sal Al-Rawahi
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