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All You Want To Know About Tan Physics

Tan skin is a new trend recently. And if you “unintentionally” have a white and pure skin, let’s find help from tan physics and read tan physics review before choosing this product.

Tan physics is so annoying and time- consuming when you think all you have to do is lying under the sun and let the light soak in so that melanin concentration in your skin raises up for a tan look. However, there’s a number of scientific study about the effect of direct sunlight on your health which includes non-melanoma skin cancer, and photo-aging sign.

So if you want to achieve a bronze skin without doing harm to your health and skin, tan physics is a good and safe idea for you. But before choosing a tan product, it is highly recommended for you to read tan physics review as there are numbers of tan physics available now and you cannot make sure that all of them are safe and not money wasting.

So let’s read all the tan physics review below and see what actually tan physics is and how do the ingredients combine together to bronze your skin.

What does tan physics lotion look like?

Inside tan physics bottle, there is orange colored lotion which is familiar but more watery than the Bazan red soil in the tropical land, such as Vietnam. This thin consistent mixture helps tan physics absorb faster in your skin than other self-tanner recipes from coffee and cocoa powder, for example.

What are the ingredients contributing to the tan physics and make it work? Let’s continue reading tan physics review below and see how reliable tan physics can be.

What are the ingredients inside tan physics bottle?

There are several types of tan physics available now on the market, and each individual product has its own recipe to create a suitable and effective tan physics lotion. But here are some specific ingredients which are usually used in most tan physics products.

We highly recommend you to read thoroughly about the components of tan physics and understand which standard of ingredients you can base on to choose a suitable tan physics for you.

  1. Dihydroxyacetone

Dihydroxyacetone which is also known as DHA is the chemical compounds extracted from the sugarcane and sugar beet. It is considered as the active ingredient in the tan physics which are able to bronze your skin smoother and faster than the sunlight.

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When the DHA is absorbed into the skin, it starts reacts with the skin and turns the skin into caramel color deeply.

Usually, the DHA concentration in tan physics is limited under 20%. This percentage shows the ability to bronze your skin in a duration which means the higher level of dihydroxyacetone reduces the duration to bronze your skin.

Therefore, depending on your natural skin tone, consider the DHA quantity in the tan physics products you buy and pay more attention to your health as DHA is proved to make your skin more prone to get damage from the sunlight.

Moreover, the effectiveness of tan physics, as well as the darkening level of DHA depends much in the way you apply tan physics. That’s why you should regard the method to apply tan physics beside choosing tan physics after reading tan physics review to achieve the best tan skin.

  1. Sugar- based caramel

If the DHA is responsible for darkening inside the skin, the caramel is able to dye your skin outside and bring up a perfect tan look for your skin. It is considered as a safe skin dye until now.

  1. Coconut oil

Not all of tan physics products contain this perfect oil to nourish your skin. Be wisely to choose the product containing coconut oil because it is a huge source of vitamin E and anti-infection properties. Moreover, the applying process over and over the times can cause irritation on your skin, that’s when coconut oil shows up its effectiveness in moisturizing the skin.

  1. Argan oil

Apart from coconut oil, argan oil plays an important role in reducing mark and wrinkle relating to the sun exposure. Furthermore, vitamin E and antioxidants in argan oil can also alleviate the irritation caused by rubbing skin remarkably.

  1. Hydrolyzed collagen

Collagen is very popular in many skin products in order to support the skin structure and elasticity much. And hydrolyzed collagen should be a highly recommended ingredient in the tan physics products so that your skin is able to recover after the skin exfoliation.

As mentioned before, reading this tan physics review helps you know how to choose a suitable and effective the tan physics based on the tan’s component. But we also note that if you want to dye your skin a perfect tan, the tanning method plays an important role.

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So let’s move to the next step in achieving a trending tan skin:

Tan applying method

There are two main parts of tan applying method including creating a clean canvas and applying tan lotion. Please read tan physics review above and tanning method carefully so that perfect tan skin is on your hand.

Step 1: Exfoliation

Any dirt, dead skin cells, and other obstacles on the skin should be avoided as much as possible. An exfoliator and clean washcloth are two necessary. And make sure that the special area such as knees, elbows are cleared more carefully because the skin here is very thick and dry.

Moreover, remember that shaving and waxing should be done before applying tan lotion since you don’t want the streaks to appear on your tan skin. If you wax or tweeze hair in 24 hours after using tan physics, your hair follicle might get a darker color than the other area. So wax before tan or do not wax after the tan.

Dry yourself and prepare a cool and dry temperature room so that the tan lotion will not “melt” with your sweat and creates some streaks and spots on your skin.

Step 2: Apply tan lotion

Initially, remove rings, necklace and any other pieces of jewelry before you tan your skin. Tight your hair highly and remember not to put on makeup, perfumes, and deodorants, too.

For the knee and elbow areas, it should be better for you to apply the moisturizer so that the tan lotion absorbs fast into your skin to tan the skin.

Apply tan physics from the bottom area first will be a good choice and then move up your application until it reaches your face. Stay for a while, maybe 15 to 20 minutes for the vitamins and active ingredients to absorb to the skin.

Now it’s time for you to put on some comfortable clothes and go out. And one more important thing that doesn’t forget to wear the sunscreen because SPF factor is not included in the tan physics.


Tan physics review is considered as an important part while choosing a tan physics product, so we hope you read the article carefully and achieve the most satisfied tan skin for the summer.

Written by Veronica Phan


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